step into the spotlight and skyrocket your career with the 
Rock On Success Mastermind 
Nothing beats working with Pat Roque and her executive coaches 1:1, 
PLUS gain collective wisdom from your very own Personal Advisory Council!
Pat's a sought-after media expert and speaker
Is the Rock On Success Mastermind right FOR YOU?
Check all of the questions where your answer is YES! 

✅ Have you been wishing someone could steer you on the right path to finally getting all you deserve out of life?

✅ Are you ready to fast-track your professional success to truly live your best life?

✅ Have you been looking for a game-changer mentor with a proven system that works?

✅ Do you want to leverage your strengths to gain greater success and wealth?

✅ Do you promise to come prepared to share as a generous giver AND an excellent receiver?

What Does The Rock On Success Mastermind Program Mean To You and Your Career?
Check all of the questions where your answer is YES! 

✅ Have you been wishing someone could steer you on the right path to finally getting all you deserve out of life?

✅ Are you ready to fast-track your professional success to truly live your best life?

✅ Have you been looking for a game-changer mentor with a proven system that works?

✅ Do you want to leverage your strengths to gain greater success and wealth?

✅ Do you promise to come prepared to share as a generous giver AND an excellent receiver?

If you checked any of the boxes above, then I want to invite you to join 
The Rock On Success Mastermind Program and change your life forever! 
“YES, Pat! I’m Ready to Accelerate My Life, Career and Create Opportunities!”

Give me Instant access to Pat's One-Of-A-Kind Mastermind Program NOW!
Success system.

Can't wait to hear YOU say: “YES, PAT! I’M READY TO ACCELERATE MY LIFE, CAREER AND CREATE OPPORTUNITIES!" so you can get unstuck, and stop feeling overlooked.
We will TACKLE the 3 areas required for a QUANTUM LEAP: Mindset, Skillset, and Toolset
MINDSET: Decide what matters to navigate your career gps
Tired of selling your soul or losing your mind? Need help focusing your efforts on what really matters most?  Stop procrastinating, find your best direction to allow shift to happen NOW! 
SKILLSET: connect dots from where you've been to who you want to be
Once we get clear on your CAREER GPS and sense of direction, we'll inventory your successes, ambitions and decide what skills you can put to better use in your next role. 
TOOLSET: Shine the light on your gifts as a masterful storyteller
Together, we'll help you hone your message and find the best outlets to tell your compelling transformation story so that you can best impact others and monetize your genius.
ONLY AFTER my own mid-life meltdown did I discover the secret...
...I paid close attention to what worked and created a proprietary system, because I've been in your shoes and know EXACTLY what it take to get you out of career limbo and skyrocket your success...

I'm on a mission to help others just like me and you!

Why Pat Roque and Her 
Rock On Success Mastermind 
Can Rock Your World...

Celebrate Pat's 32 years of rocking her clients' success  with a very special anniversary offer... 
HURRY, offer expires soon!

The Making of a Rock-Star Career Transformation Coach...
The Making of a Rock-Star Career Transformation Coach...
Pat spent 20+ years building a career in the fast-paced world of PR and Communications. Pat held progressive positions within several top PR firms that culminated in her "dream job."

Pat’s successful career came to an abrupt stop. She suddenly found herself with no paycheck, severance, or clue about what to do next. At the same time, the symptoms of menopause made her feel even less in control. Pile onto all that—yes, there’s more—Pat was about to turn 50, a milestone birthday that couldn’t happen at a worse time. Or could it?
Pat was unaware that she was experiencing the darkness before the dawn of her true calling...
Pat’s best friend gave her a birthday present that proved to be the catalyst for her newfound happiness: a box of 50 rocks. Not just any rocks. These were gold-painted rocks on which were words that personified Pat—caring, kind, supportive… Pat shares this empowering tool “Rock on Success System” with all of her clients. The rocks helped Pat see that turning 50 truly did rock and propelled her into action. 

“Looking for a new job made me think, was a big paycheck really worth a long daily commute, missed time with my family, and working with people whose values didn’t align with my own? It felt as if I was selling my soul for a job that I didn’t really want. I had to get clear about what I was best at and what was going to make me happy.” Pat explained.

Pat was inspired to develop a process that transformed her life. Her friend pointed out that, while this came naturally to Pat, there were many others who would also benefit from Pat’s process. She wisely suggested that Pat document her efforts; resulting in Pat launching her signature program “Rock Your Strength” and published her Rock On Success 90-Day System.

Pat is no longer tethered to a desk and is truly living her best life as the Rock-Star Career Transformation Coach, Speaker and Author. Her thriving coaching business, speaking engagements and books allow Pat to help her clients around the world from a laptop. Pat’s life is proof that you can elevate your personal and professional brand to Rock-Star Career Status.

Pat Roque and her team of amazing colleagues and collaborators will stimulate your thinking as we introduce trends, best practices and secrets to success that will shortcut your learning curve. Together, we’ll tackle the latest hot topics with both theory and practical advice to rock your career and live your best life without selling your soul or losing your mind. Here’s a suggested list that will evolve as we navigate real-world change:
Your Exclusive Invitation to the Rock On Success Mastermind, 4 years of success and still going strong!
What does YOUR dream work + life integration feel like?
Imagine your life as we shine the spotlight on YOU, rock star?
(Meet Allison, Corporate Communications Executive by Day and Award-Winning Competitive 
Body Builder. Her Thriving Side Hustle Empowers Working Moms to Look and Feel Their Best!)
Why do folks love this Mastermind, YOU ASK?
Momentum + memories = a BRIGHtEr New LIFe WOrth CeleBrATING!
They said It's changed their Lives Forever 
through a unique combination of 
1:1 Personalized Coaching PLUS Group think tank...
* Stimulating Dialogue...
* Leveraging   Connections...
* Team Building...
* Career Strategy...
* Shared Learning & Resources...
* Accountability...
* and Group Think Tank 
all rolled into one!

32 Anniversary Special ( reg. $5497)
6 Months of Mastermind for just one affordable price: $3,200

You'll love the sacred space in this private inner circle:
Enjoy big-picture thinking with world-class leaders of industry who bring a global perspective to solve your biggest growth challenges.
monetizing your genius
Learn how to leverage your best gifts and create multiple revenue streams that can evolve from a side-hustle to flowing income source.
thinking green
We care about our planet, and how greener thinking creates sustainable impact on our companies, the environment and our community.
failing faster
Experts say the best results come from pushing beyond our comfort zones, trying new approaches and failing faster with us cheering you on.
Scaling success
Apply Pat's proven systems and the latest technology & resources to build momentum for measurable, repeatable success.
unselfish caring
Nowhere else can you find an eclectic group of go-givers: we support diversity, inclusion and ensuring that no one gets left behind.
Imagine just how much easier, lighter, happier, better things will 
be when you have this extended family to help you think out loud in our sacred space: a non-judgemental, trusting environment. 
MOnthly 1:1 coaching sessions via zoom
Get private, 1:1 access to Pat Roque, the Rock Star Career Transformation Coach. Together, we will personally review your current roadblocks and help you visualize your best future self. 

Tap into Pat's proven system for elevating your career status on YOUR TERMS. You'll have tracks to run on, with the flexibility to tackle your urgent needs as they arise.  Once we set your career GPS,  we can assist you to make the biggest impact and gain momentum. You'll get your swagger back starting RIGHT NOW!
2 x monthly group meet-ups via ZOOM 
You'll never feel alone on this journey thanks the collaborative crew who will become part of your personal advisory council. You'll grow trusting relationships with smart leaders.

Group sessions will follow a 6-month preplanned calendar so you can look forward to our topics. Each session will start with trainer-led focus on an element of the Rock On Success System. Take turns contributing value to the conversation. In the "Hot Seat" you'll share a WIN, a CHALLENGE and FOCUS issue to help you move forward faster.
90-day system
Rock On Success 90-Day Fast Action System (printed planner, email, downloads, tools and inspiration) will keep you focused toward meaningful goals. Even while the mastermind is an annual program, we make winning easier by tackling your goals in 90-day sprints, one season at a time)

Through mindfulness and short exercises, you celebrate all 5 facets of your brilliant life:

Better Finances, and
Your Fabulous Career!
Members love the special talks and supporting content sections that address challenges facing not only ENTREPRENEURS but the INNOVATIVE FIRE IN ALL OF US. Experts say we should THINK more like an entrepreneur. Even if you're in a traditional job/career path, or wanting a side hustle, it's imperative to build a personal brand and grow your own tribe of loyal supporters.  
Quarterly Live events
We love hosting intimate get-togethers. Whether we're kicking off the new year with a vision board workshop, attending a Rock Your Strength team building session, or having fun networking at a local charity golf outing, we cherish our bonding time together every quarter. 

Look for info on our Annual Retreat in Myrtle Beach, SC!
90-day online training program
The five-star rated training program allows you to explore the 
9 course modules at your own pace as you focus on 3 key areas to propel your quantum leap: Mindset, Skillset and Toolset. 

You'll get instant access to training videos, recommended readings, awesome resources, digital templates & downloadable worksheets, plus Pat's signature Career Transformation Planner System™ (which alone is a $5K value!)
Love me, love my tribe!  You'll learn not only how to elevate your career status, but you'll learn how to navigate the investment landscape when I co-host special training from my talented financial planning friends. 

Keep an eye out for our next "Rock Your Second Act" LIVE DINNER event. It's the perfect opportunity to meet new folks, meetup with your Mastermind friends and invite potential new members to come see what we're about. 

YES!  We pay a generous 20% commission or coaching credits when you invite a friend into one of our paid programs! That's what we call a win-win-win!!
BONUS: LINKeDIN and Social Media training
Have you seen Pat Roque in the media - on Good Morning America, INC, Oprah Magazine, the Ladders or dozens of other expert appearances? 

Many of our new tribe members actually found Pat thanks to feature stories or LinkedIn ProFinder. 

Pat's a master connector and media expert who teaches her tribe how to leverage social media - and particularly LinkedIn - to attract your ideal clients and grow a loyal following who will then turn into your most vocal brand ambassadors!
Monetizing your message has never been easier!
Sooooo....If you've ever dreamt of putting your big ideas into a course, the time is NOW. Or perhaps you're eager to share your genius with the world where you don't have to teach one person or live class at a time. The solution is HERE.

Follow my step-by-step walkthrough of the proven process to successfully create, sell, and promote online courses (even if you have zero technical skills) 

I don't say this lightly: It'll be the kind of storytelling that pays dividends for years to come.
Surprise BONUS: Hypnotherapist Rick Reynolds' "Finding and Aligning With Your Life's Purpose" 
It's Time to Figure it out in the 5 module, self-study mini-course...
Your Life's purpose is more than your career. It's more than your role in a family. It's a calling. It's a yearning. It's a stirring deep in your soul. When you find and align with your life's purpose your life gets easier. You get into the flow. You move into action. Procrastination, frustration, stagnation shifts aside and passion and inspiration become the driving force of your life. 
Join The Rock On Success Mastermind Program Now 
and enjoy the best of your next chapter...starting right NOW!
How would your Momentum Feel When Working with a group that Manifests these real-life results? 

Nope, there's no False Promises and No pixie dust, just a lot of street-smart thinking and the Support to make Shift Happen!
Unlike some groups that claim to offer masterminds that are not much more than glorified group coaching, ours is based off of the Vagabonds concept featured In Napoleon Hill's acclaimed best-seller, "Think and Grow Rich."  This group is intentionally meant to remain intimate so that you actually build trusting relationships with the others. We all sign a confidentiality agreement to keep our conversations private. 

THIS IS YOUR SACRED space to think out loud in a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE.

You get the chance to be SEEN and HEARD. 

Enjoy your turn in the HOT SEAT and share your CHALLENGE, WINS and what you'd like our help to FOCUS on to move forward, fastest! 

We WILL CLOSE the group to ensure that you get the TIME and ATTENTION that you deserve. So don't get shut out: take immediate action NOW and SIGN UP TODAY!
How can you reserve your spot to work closely with Pat?
NOTE: Pat will be limiting the number of 1:1 clients, so reserve your time NOW!
karen glade, Indivior
"Pat looks at you as a total person: Pat’s a master at instilling confidence and helping you embrace your strengths. She doesn’t use the exact same recipe for every client. She’s built an amazing system and while we may use the same structure, what we do with it is unique to our situation. With her transformation workbook, Pat teaches us how to have structure where and when we need it. She got me organized, focused, leveraging her connections for the inside track and totally helped me prepare and ace my interviews. Now I value their support as I navigate my amazing new job!"
HENRY anderson, brand acoustics
"I have known Pat for a number of years and witnessed her transformation from vendor to "inspirer-in-chief" and recently had the pleasure of attending one of her coaching sessions. What's immediately obvious from any social or professional situation is Pat's amazing ability to foster trust and open-communication within and between her network. Her own story of discovery is compelling, but what makes her truly unique is how her journey has become a platform to help others bring about reflection and change. I strongly recommend Pat for your team-building needs and as someone who can push you to define your future goals and personal identity. "
laura reilly, anu healthcare
“Pat is an amazing coach! She helps you get from where you are to where you want to be. She gives you her time, contacts, and support without the “sorry time is up” stop watch. Pat shares like no one I have ever met before. I needed to be kept on task and she held me accountable, plus helped me do it all more efficiently than I would have alone. That’s why I signed up for her Mastermind, too!”
Let these rockstars tell you why working with Pat and the Mastermind will ROCK your world, too!
"Pat’s organized approach to my growth has freed up my brain cells to help me focus on what matters and land my dream role. I'm forever grateful.”
"We are taking back our lives, enjoying work where we can make an impact."

"Whether you’re in a job, or venturing as a leader your own business, Pat’s coaching and mastermind offers a safe space to think out loud and to evolve into the best version of me."
To ensure that you are Seen and Heard, we keep this as an intimate sacred space...
So jump to the front of the line and grab your spot now!
Choose the Option That WIll 
Move You Forward, Fastest!
Your Rock on Success Mastermind is the best of both worlds: in addition to your 1:1 coaching sessions with Pat Roque and the Rock On Success team, you’ll enjoy an exclusive forum for shared learning in an online group setting. This is our sacred space for shared learning, collaborating with others, thinking out loud and supporting each other in a confidential setting. It’s the perfect home for high achievers just like you who welcome a sounding board from an eclectic team who serves as your unofficial “board of advisors”! Get ready to run faster, work smarter and move ahead with confidence. Together, our team will help you manifest more of exactly what you desire in your business and your life. 
Look for the updated schedule inside the course, hosted in the Rock On Success Academy using a platform called Thinkific. We'll email you a copy as well once you're enrolled. We meet twice monthly via Zoom (video/online meeting tool). You will receive a separate reminder invitation with a special link for each event so you can RSVP and reserve your turn in the “hot seat” if you have a question or issue you’d like help with. 
It’s always best to attend and engage to build stronger relationships. For your convenience we also share info via email and our PRIVATE Rock On Success Mastermind Group. (NOTE we have been hosting the group on Facebook, but we are exploring options and may create a group on another platform that better meets our needs. Stay tuned for info on that.) Whenever possible, our Zoom calls/webinars/meetings will be recorded (and the audio playback archived) for your convenience so never worry if you have to miss a session. We host in-person meetups each quarter, so stay tuned! 
This is YOUR special place to get involved and learn together! Check in 5 minutes daily: Tabs on the Facebook group page hosts all the info you’ll need:
● DISCUSSION: Members are welcomed to post questions, share resources. It is not a spam-a-thon, we will lead topics of the week and encourage sharing of your work in an organized thread so the site stays neat and searchable 
● MEMBERS: Get to know the folks in your group. While we encourage your connecting on LinkedIn and even in person, please be respectful and generous with your time and attention. Please do NOT SPAM THEM or you will be asked to leave! 
● EVENTS: We will keep you abreast of notable events in our industry, group, and for our calls. Occasionally, we offer “pop-up” Facebook Lives (and LinkedIn Live as soon as it's available), bonus trainings from experts, “Get __it Done” accountability days, and more. 
● PHOTOS: pics and video

First, be sure to “friend request” Pat Nunno Roque on Facebook. Then she can officially invite you to join the private group. Once inside, please check below the photo to the dropdown button that says “notifications” and be sure to select/check off ALL POSTS (the top option) so you don’t miss our messages there.
During a moderated video chat, Pat leads off with a topic of the day and answers questions submitted in advance by group members. Participants are encouraged to raise their hand and shine in our “hot seat” as time allows: share your recent wins, challenge and focus on a specific growth issue. We may discuss ways to engage a new client or manager, rehearse your introduction or prepare for an interview, share a success story, etc. We’re like your surrogate “board of directors” who are here to listen without judgement and support you as we celebrate your WINS! NOTE: Toxic behavior will not be tolerated, as the group dialogue is meant for making progress and moving forward. At our discretion, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the group or dismiss you from private coaching.
You’ll apply to join the group and we’ll schedule a virtual coffee with Pat or one of our team members to walk you through details, see if we're a good fit. If so, once you’re enrolled, look for a welcome email from Pat Roque with instructions. We'll walk you through the onboarding process and make sure you enjoy a warm welcome to the Rock On Success Family. 
Now is a GREAT time to learn a cool tool that can help you grow YOUR business, too. If you have NOT yet ever participated in an online meeting or webinar, it’s easy. You can dial in or log in from your computer. Just click on the link we’ll send you: DO NOT WAIT UNTIL LAUNCH TIME TO TEST THIS: Please pretest your system in advance to ensure you are set up and comfortable before the day of your first session! 
It’s smart and simple to share with friends (see share buttons on top left over the app page). You can even earn FREE coaching and leverage our platform to grow your own income as an affiliate partner. Ask our support team for your affiliate referral link to the Mastermind and our other programs. It will take you to a simple form where you tell us how to pay you via PayPal or how you'd like to apply your coaching credit (your choice) when one of your friends enrolls in a paid program. 
Are You Ready to Show the World Why You ROCK?!
Choose Your Mastermind Package and Let's Get Rolling TODAY!
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