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 your dream ROLE 5x faster? 

Pat Roque’s "Rock Your Career REBOOT" training ON DEMAND empowers you with the focus, insight, and tools you need to achieve tangible results with 9 amazing modules and OUR PROPRIETARY 
diy ROCK ON Success system.

Why Should YOU invest now? help land your dream job faster with a rock-soliD Career reboot! 
Gain Clarity of Purpose
Get clear on your Mindset, Skillset and Toolset, starting with the non-negotiable priorities and the big, scary goals that can literally change your life.
fast track your success
There's no stopping your momentum now with a rock-solid program available to you 24-7-365. Learn at your own pace for accelerated growth!
Document your accomplishments with an easy yet organized process to never waste time or struggle finding the best way to show you're the right fit.
Celebrate the very best in you, leveraging the kind words of your raving fans to elevate your status and gain more recognition as an industry expert.
- Susan M. Haberin, healthfirst
"I highly recommend Pat to anyone who needs guidance with their career. Her warm, knowledgeable approach made it easy for me to share what I was looking for and needed. Pat is a connector! She helped me tremendously with a job interview and encouraged me to be myself. Upon her counsel I told the interviewer that I had a Cinderella moment when I read the job description! It was a great interview after that - and I landed my dream job in less than 3 months! Anyone who is in career transition, needs to pivot or just needs advice please get in touch with Pat!!"
"I have known Pat for a number of years and witnessed her transformation from vendor to "inspirer-in-chief" and recently had the pleasure of attending one of her coaching sessions. What's immediately obvious from any social or professional situation is Pat's amazing ability to foster trust and open-communication within and between her network. Her own story of discovery is compelling, but what makes her truly unique is how her journey has become a platform to help others bring about reflection and change. I strongly recommend Pat for your team-building needs and as someone who can push you to define your future goals and personal identity. "
"I cannot shout out loud enough about Pat's Rock On Success system. Whether as the author, the coach, the speaker, the mentor or anywhere in between these subjects she is TOPS! Pat simplifies learning the how-to's needed to move yourself and your status to the DONE mode, all the while having fun and building a relationship that will be life-long! I am excited to continue working with Pat to improve each part of my professional life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
THIS DIY dream job coaching SYSTEM 
easy. convenient access to GROW at your own pace
You'll enjoy a hybrid learning model with easy-to-digest nuggets of important information, all readily available in our private learning system.  Access pre-recorded video coaching sessions, checklists, downloadable worksheets and more.  This system walks you through the process, step by step, allowing you to uncover and overcome your current career challenges. 

You'll get your swagger back starting RIGHT NOW!
You'll never have to struggle with pulling your amazing history together and telling the compelling story of your success: Pat Roque created a customized Career Transformation Planner System™ designed to help you achieve your stretch goals, note awards & achievements, ID top influencers and land your dream role. 
 Pat's signature Career Transformation Planner System™ alone is a $5K value!

The five-star rated training program allows you to explore the 
3 Blueprints for Rocking . Your Career Transformation. Learn from case studies from many of Pat's successful clients so you'll know exactly how to navigate when it's time to move up, move over or move onto something totally new. 

You'll also receive a signed copy of Pat's 160-page Rock On Success 90-Day Fast Action Planner, which serves as your roadmap to career and personal success.

Master Your Mindset, Skillset and Toolset with these 9 Life-Changing Modules:
  • MINDSET (Identify your gifts and what matters most)
  • Module 1 - Strength (Discover your innate talents, why you rock)
  • Module 2 - Focus (Clarify career priorities with our 18-page soul-searching assessment)
  • Module 3 - Confidence (Regain your swagger, rock your boundaries and get poised as a leader)
  • SKILLSET (Connect the dots from your past to your future best self)
  • Module 4 - Dream Role (Use our proprietary Career Transformation Workbook to document key success factors & stand out as the top candidate for your dream job or board position)
  • Module 5 - 90-Day Plan (Reverse engineer your path to prosperity, start with the end in mind)
  • Module 6 - Testimonials (grow your status as an influencer, reconnect with your raving fans)
  • TOOLSET (Shine like a rock star with impactful story telling)
  • Module 7 - Resume & Interview Skills (Elevate your career with a great new role, w/bonus templates)
  • Module 8 - Linkedin Profile Makeover Magic (Attract interest from key decision makers, with an SEO-rich profile and strategy)
  • Module 9 - Networking (Bust past gatekeepers to build your circle of influencers & sponsors)

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Rock Your Vision Board Online Course

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Pat Roque’s exclusive "Rock Your Career Reboot" DIY Dream Job Coaching System is proven to help you achieve amazing results. This is the only self=paced coaching program that incorporates Pat’s signature Rock On Success Career Transformation System™. Pat's patented System is customized to assist you to meet your career and personal goals without selling your soul or losing your mind. If you have a desire to make some major shifts happen in your career and life, then this program is perfect for you!

Why Pat Roque Can
Rock Your World...
The Making of a Rock-Star Career Transformation Coach ...
The Making of a Rock-Star Career Transformation Coach...
Pat spent 20+ years building a career in the fast-paced world of PR and Communications. Pat held progressive positions within several top PR firms that culminated in her "dream job."

Pat’s successful career came to an abrupt stop. She suddenly found herself with no paycheck, severance, or clue about what to do next. At the same time, the symptoms of menopause made her feel even less in control. Pile onto all that—yes, there’s more—Pat was about to turn 50, a milestone birthday that couldn’t happen at a worse time. Or could it?
Pat was unaware that she was experiencing the darkness before the dawn of her true calling...
Pat’s best friend gave her a birthday present that proved to be the catalyst for her newfound happiness: a box of 50 rocks. Not just any rocks. These were gold-painted rocks on which were words that personified Pat—caring, kind, supportive… Pat shares this empowering tool “Rock on Success System” with all of her clients. The rocks helped Pat see that turning 50 truly did rock and propelled her into action. 

“Looking for a new job made me think, was a big paycheck really worth a long daily commute, missed time with my family, and working with people whose values didn’t align with my own? It felt as if I was selling my soul for a job that I didn’t really want. I had to get clear about what I was best at and what was going to make me happy.” Pat explained.

Pat was inspired to develop a process that transformed her life. Her friend pointed out that, while this came naturally to Pat, there were many others who would also benefit from Pat’s process. She wisely suggested that Pat document her efforts; resulting in Pat launching her signature program “Rock Your Strength” and published her Rock On Success 90-Day System.

Pat is no longer tethered to a desk and is truly living her best life as the Rock-Star Career Transformation Coach, Speaker and Author. Her thriving coaching business, speaking engagements and books allow Pat to help her clients around the world from a laptop. Pat’s life is proof that you can elevate your personal and professional brand to Rock-Star Career Status.

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